Product is still in development and will be launched as test in Hungary

Coca-Cola has partnered with the Danish startup Paboco to develop a bottle made of 100% paper. “Our vision is to create a paper bottle that can be recycled like any other type of paper, and this prototype is the first step on the road to achieving this,” says Stijn Franssen, innovation manager for R&D packaging at Coca-Cola EMEA.

The product prototype consists of a paper wrapper with a 100% recycled plastic closure and internal lining. The next step, according to Franssen, is to create a paper bottle without the need for plastic coating.

Franssen’s team is conducting extensive laboratory tests to assess how the new bottle behaves, maintains and protects its contents while refrigerated and in other settings.

Tests in Hungary

The paper bottle project is already undergoing tests and the country chosen to receive the novelty was Hungary. A series of 2,000 bottles of a herbal drink will be offered through online sales.

The purpose of the action is to measure the overall performance of the packaging, also aiming to understand consumer acceptance of the new format.

Paboco’s technology allows to develop 100% recyclable bottles, made of wood of sustainable origin, with a bio-based material barrier capable of resisting liquids, CO2 and oxygen, therefore being suitable for drinks, beauty products and other products liquids. The ultimate goal is a bottle that can be recycled like paper.

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